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Moroccan Expatriates to Back Development Initiatives at Home

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iomwxdf456sqd4f56sd45f6sdIOM and the Belgian Embassy in Rabat have signed an agreement to launch an innovative project aimed at encouraging Moroccans living in Belgium to start businesses back home in Morocco.

The EUR 1.2 million, two-year programme seeks to encourage Moroccan expatriates to invest their savings, knowledge and expertise into the setting up of private ventures that will further the development of impoverished regions in the north and east of the country.


Procter & Gamble Leads the Moroccan Bleach Market with a 57% Market Share

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MoroccoProcterGambleThe Moroccan bleach market grew 4% between 2009 and 2010, reach Dh263 million in 2010. Rising income levels in Morocco have fuelled growth in the market, while the current value unit price remained steady in 2010.

Procter & Gamble have further extended theirdominance in the market, reaching a 57% value share. A 3% constant value CAGR is expected during the forecast period.


Drought, Falling Tourism Threaten Morocco Economy

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moroccan-economic-growthLong seen as a haven of stability and relative prosperity in North Africa, this close U.S. ally has a rough year ahead. Its budget is overstretched, its farm fields drought-stricken, its credit rating is wobbly, and economic crisis is hobbling its closest trading partners in Europe, even as protests by disgruntled Moroccans are on the rise.

Morocco escaped much of the unrest linked to the Arab Spring elsewhere in North Africa, where the governments of Libya, Tunisia and Egypt all fell, but it could face new troubles this year.


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