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Moroccan Expatriates to Back Development Initiatives at Home

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iomwxdf456sqd4f56sd45f6sdIOM and the Belgian Embassy in Rabat have signed an agreement to launch an innovative project aimed at encouraging Moroccans living in Belgium to start businesses back home in Morocco.

The EUR 1.2 million, two-year programme seeks to encourage Moroccan expatriates to invest their savings, knowledge and expertise into the setting up of private ventures that will further the development of impoverished regions in the north and east of the country.


Arab Idol’s Dounia Batma Returns To Morocco

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120503Featudsfsd8f74sd32f1s2dfre3Photo1Dounia Batma, who reminded crowds of Umm Kulthum and El-Tarab El-Aseel, returned to Morocco to be greeted with a reception befitting a major star. Magharebia talked with her about the “Arab Idol” experience.

Magharebia: First, congratulations on achieving success equivalent to the title. Are you satisfied with the outcome of the results?


The Moroccan American House Association

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msdflkjsdklflmsdfklsmd2332RSThe Moroccan American House Association is a Bay Ridge, Brooklyn-based organization dedicated to solving issues in the Moroccan community as well as the neighborhood as a whole. “It was created to get all the Moroccans together and solve problems, whether it be the death of a person, someone who is sick or lost a job,” explained Adil Oualim, president of the Association.


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