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Morocco Minister Won't Stop Trial of YouTube Rapper

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640x392 3093 211301Morocco's justice minister said he would not stop the trial of an outspoken rapper charged with insulting the authorities in one of his songs, despite an outcry from rights campaigners who say the case is an attack on freedom of expression.

Human rights activists had expected this sort of prosecution would cease after a moderate Islamist opposition party, the PJD, was elected to lead the government last year with a promise of reform. But the government's influence remains limited by the power of the monarch and his court.

Morocco To Regulate Print Media

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mediasdfdsfsdfsdMorocco plans to establish a national council for the press to develop the sector and ensure favourable conditions for its permanence.
Amid approval for establishing a national council for the press, consultations are ongoing between the Moroccan Ministry of Communication and journalists to regulate the field of print journalism.

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