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'Around the World in 80 Plates' Heads to Marrakech, Morocco

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268de0ed2cbcf2ef9524c854b5e51bb7.jpsqdklqsjdklqjskkjlekagThe chefs on Bravo’s "Around the World in 80 Plates" are driven, but they're also cut-throat in the May 30th episode when the show heads to Marrakech, Morocco. As contestants are eliminated one by one, alliances are being made, and those alliances are more about personality than cooking chops.

As the remaining nine contestants race through Marrakech's medina, it's clear they don't all get along.


Get A Taste Of Morocco With This Beef Tagine Recipe

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WWBeefTagineqsdfmqkjflkqjsfkljsdf5sd52465A good friend of mine went to Morocco a few years ago and brought back a recipe using a tagine, a two-part cooking vessel that has a large circular bowl shaped bottom and a conical top. 

The top is designed to create moisture to keep foods from drying out when being slow cooked. 

The original recipe that my friend Sara McGhie gave me was for chicken. You can check out that recipe here.  But, I've created a new beef recipe using some of the same spices, but with a few additional touches of my own. 


Food And Beverage In Morocco

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feastieDisplaying influences from Africa, Arabia, and the Mediterranean, the Moroccan cuisine of today is a reflection of the country's colorful past, blended with the culinary traditions of both its Arab and Berber inhabitants.

Over time, these influences have been refined into a distinctly Moroccan flavor -- thanks largely to centuries of imperial dynasties, where expectations and demands weighed heavily on the chefs of the royal courts, and thus inspired both experimentation and extravagance.


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