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Ancient Architecture Of Morocco

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Morocco is a country shaded with a variety of colors yet cloaked with the blanket of mystery. It is this charm, the fact that that tourists desire to know more and more about Morocco is what makes this country so attractive.

Even today Morocco proudly upholds its past glories, its traditions and the culture of Morocco, which is reflected in the ancient monuments and structural designs of Morocco.

Hence a trip to this country would surely be incomplete without exploring the exoticarchitecture of Morocco.

The architecture of Morocco consists of more or less the Islamic style of construction. However the designs show signs of being profoundly influenced by Spanish styles of the mid centuries.

It is not very difficult to identify the architecture of Morocco because of its distinctive Islamic style. These facets of Moroccan architecture give us a peak into Morocco’s enchanting past. Some of the typical features of Morocco Architecture are:

  • Huge U- shaped arches and lovely domes
  • Large courtyards, adorned with charming gardens.
  • Use of geometrical patterns.
  • Use of bright color schemes
  • Use of ornamental Islamic calligraphy and fewer pictures.
  • ornamentation of the exterior of the buildings.

Some of the finest examples of architecture in Morocco are found in Fez and Marrakech. These two cities have some lovely mosques, minarets and palaces. Like the Ali Ben Youssef, El Badi Palace, Koutoubia Minaret and few others in Marrakech and Nejjarine Square, Andalous Mosque, Quarouiyine Mosqueand and many others in Fez.


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