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Morocco: Girl's Death Highlights Flawed Laws

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420469 318377008218002 318373371551699 855133 2114740698 nMorocco should enact a meaningful law on domestic violence and repeal the penal code provision that in practice has allowed men accused of raping or having sex with minors to avoid prosecution if they wed their victims, Human Rights Watch said today. A 16-year-old girl apparently took her life on March 10, 2012, after entering a marriage under these conditions.


The death of Amina Filali in a village in northern Morocco has fueled a public debate around the controversial penal code article 475, including demonstrations in Rabat and other cities, and extensive coverage in state and independent media.


Jailed Moroccan News Editor Remains Defiant

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niniA top Moroccan newspaper editor, convicted and jailed under the penal code for his writings, was freed Saturday after serving a year in prison.

Rachid Nini, editor of the country's most popular daily, al-Massae, was convicted for "trying to discredit and influence a court and publishing information on crimes that haven't been proven.


Rape Victim’s Death Sparks Protest Against Marriage Law in Morocco

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MoroccanWomenIn Morocco, a man who has sex with an under-aged girl can escape prosecution by marrying her. Some judges even allow a man accused of raping a girl to go free as long as he marries her.

That’s what happened in the case of 16-year-old Amina Filali. Her family says she was raped by a local man. Amina’s father, Lahcen Filali, said the prosecutor offered marriage as a way to restore his daughter’s honor.


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