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Thousands of Jewish Pilgrims Pray in Morocco

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photo smdlkjqsmldklqmskd336843771765-1-0Thousands of Jews from MoroccoIsrael and other parts of the world have over the past week carried out an annual pilgrimage to the Islamic nation to honour celebrated rabbis.

Morocco may not be the likeliest of Jewish pilgrim destinations, but the north African nation has for centuries had a vibrant Jewish population and some 1,200 of the faith's pious ancestors are buried in cemeteries here.

In recent days, about 5,000 pilgrims have gathered to pray for peace at sanctuaries and gravesites.

Perhaps the most famous of these burial grounds is that of Amran Ben Diwan, a venerated rabbi who was interred 250 years ago in the mountains of Ouazzane, about 200 kilometers (125 miles) north of the capital Rabat.

Liverpool Checking on Moroccan International Midfielder

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flagandmosdfs6d54fsd31fsdfazersqueMorocco Religion is marked by tolerance towards all religious beliefs. Though Islam is the principal religion of the land, yet other religious sects derive equal treatment and respect which they expect and deserve. 

Islam as the chief Morocco Religion dominates most parts of the country with the highest number of followers. The Sunni sect is prevalent on the land, but that never disrupted the Islamic practices in Morocco.

Morocco Church Looks Different

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photo-sqdqdsqdq-12-12-06-11-34-41Two years ago, many foreign Christians were expelled from Morocco. It changed the face of the Moroccan church. The Christians, for example, now meet in smaller groups than they were used to. Twenty members are a big church nowadays.

2010 was a difficult year for the church in Morocco. "After the foreigners were expelled, almost half of the churches stopped; it was really a big crackdown" says an Open Doors worker responsible for North Africa. A year later, things turned normal again for the estimated 3,000 Christians, but the tendency is to split up the groups of believers into smaller groups.

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