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Morocco's s.wheat Imports at 2.9 mln T Before Drought

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unep4fds5fs56fzaer10rze45r6ez4rze 01Morocco closed the 2012 import season with 2.9 million tonnes in soft wheat and 1.74 million tonnes in maize, official data showed on Tuesday, as Rabat gears up for higher import needs after drought slashed this year's harvest.

State cereals authority ONICL also said imports of durum wheat and barley stood at 650,000 and 620,000 tonnes respectively in the 12 months to the end of May, when the harvest stood at close to 8.4 million tonnes.

Morocco to Reform Subsidies in H1

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téléchargeqdlkfjskdjklrjzepoorkezdmentMorocco plans to reform its costly subsidies system before the end of June, as it seeks to pull key economic indicators out of the red and create employment, the minister in charge of the issue said on Tuesday.

The move would be one of the boldest reforms taken by a government led since January by Justice and Development, a moderate and former opposition Islamist party that won an election last year amid a resurgence of faith-based movements after the Arab Spring.

Agriculture: Morocco Aims to Attract Foreign Investors

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729599klhqklqshfq-500x280The Moroccan agency for agricultural development (ADA) is working out a strategy to promote foreign investments in the food and agriculture sector, particularly made by Arab countries.

Currently Arab countries are not every active in this sector in Morocco.

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